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Om SamsBets

Hey everybody!

My name is Sami I am 25 years old from Copenhagen. I am what you call a sports freak. I enjoyed playing it for years(football) and now i enjoy making money on it! I have been betting for a long time, I almost can't remember a time where I didn't bet on sports. But as I got older, I started to work more carefully around how I placed my bets, and why I took the bets I did. So, it started as a hobby and turned into a good investment. But I am still having fun doing it and like to spread the love!

My betting expertise is football, NBA and NFL. I have something for the whole year! I would say that my strongest area at the moment is NBA and NFL. I have been very intrigued with the sports and I follow both very closely.

My tips are made from analysis based on my knowledge of the team, players and coaches. I mix in statistics, depending on the situation and the sport. Every strength, weakness and small little detail can always help the bet! Especially in the Americans sports I am well aware of the culture, players favorites spots to play, hometowns and all the little things I see as a factor psychologically. In other words, I look from every angle to make the perfect bets!

I have a bankroll of 10.000 DKK, and most of my bets will be in the 4–6 unit area. But if the chance presents itself, I will take advantage of the opportunity.