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2021 -7.631 NOK 3.679 NOK 7.657 NOK 7.319 NOK 3.692 NOK -1.300 NOK

Om big-value

I'm 22 years old and I have gradually become an experienced sports better, with my two specialties being Cycling and Football.
My primary sport is Cycling, which I find to be a perfect sport for betting, due to the number of factors that influence a race and thus you can really take advantage of the bookmakers' lack of knowledge of the sport. In addition, it is seriously a sport where you can find huge value games above odds 10 which is extremely interesting. I play both h2h games and also winner of stages and jerseys.
Within Football, I stick to a few leagues so I always have all the smallest details up-to-date, to ensure there is the optimal value that gives profit in the long run.
I only play when I see value in a game and therefore there are days with a larger selection and days with a smaller selection. The most important thing is that there is always value, so that in the long run we can beat the bookmakers.
The most important thing in sports bets is to keep track of your Bankroll, especially when playing very high odds. Therefore, I run a unit system where I play 1-10 units per game. 1 unit is half a % of the bankroll. This is done all the time to protect your bankroll against possible hard periods.