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Resultater pr. måned

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2021 2.366 NOK 1.053 NOK -364 NOK 572 NOK
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2020 390 NOK -1.963 NOK 455 NOK -143 NOK 325 NOK -728 NOK
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2019 1.911 NOK 17.472 NOK 7.501 NOK 4.134 NOK 6.578 NOK -2.340 NOK
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2018 455 NOK

Om betxconsult

My name is Simon and I am 22 years old. I have been betting for a long time both online and in the shop. My eyes were first opened all the way up in 2018 where betting was no longer for fun, but it is actually an investment just like shares and real estate where you can build a reasonably solid bankroll in the long run. That being said, it is important to have control over your money management when you sometimes hit bad runs.

I have most knowledge in NBA, NFL and NHL but will share bets on football and other as well.

My focus area is also small niche markets as large markets. For a long time I have seen huge value bets in many small niche markets where you can get a really reasonable return. This can be the start of creating a solid bankroll that can be used for the big markets when you got limitation on the small markets. This is especially profitable for new players in the market as well as current players. My tips will mainly be in football, basketball and tennis, but sometimes there are value tips in other sports that I of course will share with you others. I have great visions of making profits in the long run with a solid return. I see betting as an investment and it needs to be taken seriously if you want to be successful. Besides this, it is also important that you have control over your bankroll. This is significant when I have bad streak as a hot streak.

Important info: Especially tips in niche markets should be placed as quickly as possible as these can drop fast in value.

My system is flatbetting, which is 1% of your bankroll on most games, but sometimes there will be matches where I think 2% or 3% of your bankroll can be added.

It is always 4 units which equates to 400 kroner and sometimes when I find value in better games it can go up to higher units