Bookmaker Bonus FAQ


What are wagering requirements?


A wagering requirement is a requirement put forth by the bookmaker. It represents how many times you have to play through a bonus before you are able to withdraw your winnings in real cash. The purpose of this is of course to lower your chance of getting any payouts at all. The wagering requirements differ from bookmaker to bookmaker.In example: A bookmaker has a wagering requirement of 4x. If the bonus is then 100 DKK, you must play for 400 DKK in order to cash out your winnings. Some bookmakers might even demand that you also play through your deposited amount on top of the bonus in order to cash out. Furthermore there will often be demands as to how low odds you can play in order for it to be eligible in consideration to the wagering requirements. It is not possible to play your 100 DKK bonus 4 times if the odds you’re playing at is as low as 1.10. Most bookmakers have set the bar at 1.50 for this.It is therefore important that you read through the terms and conditions of each bookmaker so you’re up-to-date with the different requirements regarding their bonus.


What is a Playthrough Deadline?


A Playthrough Deadline is the amount of time you have to play through your bonus. In example: A bookmaker might have set the condition that you need to play through your wagering requirements within 30 or 60 days. Your bonus will become obsolete if you do not make a such deadline. You might also risk losing all winnings made with the bonus, should you not make it through the wagering requirements before the Playthrough Deadline.


Why am I playing for my own money and not my bonus?


With most bookmakers, you start out with your own deposited money. As soon as you’ve met the wagering requirements, your bonus will be deposited at your playing account. It differs from bookmaker to bookmaker. It’s therefore a good idea to keep a keen eye out on the Playthrough Deadline with each bookmaker.


Why does bookmakers have these terms and conditions?


Bookmakers are seeking to lower the chances of you getting your bonus. They run a business and so they’ve put these terms and conditions in place in order to not payout bonuses all day. However, it’s not an impossible mission at all to get these bonuses. They’ve merely protected themselves against that you as a player get a free double on your deposit and then withdraw that money the next day.


Can I use a welcome bonus with several bookmakers?


Yes, you can, and it’s something we highly recommend. The primary reason is that you can take advantage of several of the good welcome bonuses out there.
Secondarily - you can always choose to continue playing with the bookmaker(s) that gives you the best odds on a given match.
Bookmakers will always have different estimates on matches and this is where it’s to your advantage to have multiple accounts with multiple bookmakers.
Our experts will help you playing through the bonuses through their betting tips.