Betting accounting tool

It’s important to keep track of your finances when betting. This will supply you with important numbers that are crucial to increase your winnings.

Our spreadsheet will provide you with everything you need in to minimize your deficit and maximize your profit. Another key component to betting is to familiarize yourself with the most used terminology, as this will minimize the risk of you making mistakes. We’ve covered all of this thoroughly in our e-book.

Financial accounting made easy

We’ve made it easy for you know where you’re winning the most. You have access to numbers and filters on everything - pre or live, which sport is performing best for you, or even which kind of bet is providing you with the most income. Alongside this we provide you with beautiful visuals and charts displaying the development of your bankroll.
The template calculates profit, rate of interest, average odds, hitrate as well as your unit value from any given bankroll.
We also have a Lite version which is less heavy and more mobile friendly. The Lite version is good for a quick overview on numbers of bets, profit and rate of interest. Simple and easy and you can keep an overview of your football betting tips.
You can read more about the specific betting terminology.

The spreadsheet is made in Microsoft Excel
Download PRO version here
Download LITE version here