Asian handicap - Explanation and examples.


Asian Handicap is a popular way to bet all around the globe. It’s a growing trend in Denmark as more and more bookmakers with danish licenses offer this way of playing. It can, however, be difficult to maneuver within if you’re new to it.
Read this guide and understand how Asian Handicap works.


Asian Handicap (AH in short) has many popular bets. One of the most favored types is 0.0 (AH) which means you’ll get your bet refunded if the match ends in a draw. It’s also possible to bet on a regular victory as we know if from 1X2.
This is done by playing -0.5 (AH).
However, it’s not possible to bet on a draw. This leaves you with either having to bet on the favorites or the underdogs of the match.
In the charts below we’re applying the word “push”. “Push” means that the bet is returned.



We believe that FC Midtjylland will walk away from this clash as the victors and our estimate that they’ll do so with 2 goals or more in surplus. We therefore bet FC Midtjylland -0.75 (-0.5, -1.0) at odds 2,30 for 100 DKK.
Midtjylland wins 2-1, meaning 1 goal in surplus. The chart reveals that this result is called ½ WON.
This means that we’re winning on half the best. In this case our profit is 65 DKK.
The math: 2,30 x 100 (bet) = 230 DKK (130 DKK in profit). We only win on half our bet which is why 130 must be divided by 2. Our profit is therefore 65 DKK.







HOBRO - FC NORDSJÆLLAND (5,75 - 4,33 - 1,53)
We believe that Hobro can deliver a surprise and get a draw in this match, while maintaining the possibility that they lose the game with 1 goal in deficit. We choose to play +0.75 (+0.5, +1.0) at odds 2,14 for 100 DKK.
The match concludes at 3-2 in favor of FC Nordsjælland. The chart shows us that this means ½ LOSS. This means that we lose on half the bet. In this case we lose 50 DKK.
The math: our bets is divided in to. In this case 100 DKK (bet) : 2 = 50 DKK. This bet will generate a deficit at 50 DKK. The other 50 DKK are considered “push” and are therefore returned.