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How to get started

1. Initiate your trial

Create a user today and receive betting tips for the next three days - for free

2. Create account - attach your payment card

You pay 0,- for the first three days, afterwards, your subscription will renew automatically.

3. Choose the tipsters you want to follow

Follow one or more tipsters. View their statistics and further info on their profile. We recommend you follow at least 2 tipsters to spread out the risk.

4. You can now see betting tips from tipsters

The betting tips will be uploaded every day on the website and you will receive push-notifications via our App.


What time of the day will the tips be sent out?

It can vary from tipster to tipster when their tips will be sent out during the day. You can view their typical sending time under their profile. The type of sport has a part in this as well, as for example football is often played at one time and NBA another. There can also be changes in the calculations, which means that a certain tip can come right before kick-off. Our tipsters are constantly aware of odds-increases as well as odds-decreases. This can result in drastic change in the value of the bet. Unfortunately, we are not sitting next to the bookmakers and regulating the odds on the bets. That means that our VIP-members can experience to get their tips sent on different times during the day.

What will be played?

At Bettingfamily, our tipsters bet exclusively on odds, where according to their calculations and knowledge it can be concluded that there is value. Our tipsters and their knowledge are individual from sport to sport.

When will I have access?

You will have access to our platform right after you've signed up and started your trial with one or more tipsters. Here you will be able to see tips and analyzed the tipsters you've chosen to follow.

How do I begin the trial?

At Bettingfamily it is both easy, quick and simple to get started. Click on the ‘’create user’’ button in the top right corner to join the family.

How many tips will be sent out?

Our tipsters prioritize quality over quantity. This means that it will vary how many tips they sent out. Conditions such as; matching-programs, national team break, among other finds, might intervene with the number of tips sent out. The number of tips will e.g. be higher Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you follow a football tipster, than the rest of the days of the week.

How much money should I begin with?

It doesn’t require a certain amount to join the family. At Bettingfamily we calculate the value with the term ‘units’. Units replace currencies and are used as a ‘betting-currency’. When you play with units everyone can join in independent of their bankroll. At Bettingfamily, our tipsters put 100 pr. Unit as a baseline, which means the bankroll is 10.000. This does not necessarily mean that you need to start with 10.000 as well. You can have a bankroll on 5.000, which means that one unit for you has a value of 50. For each betting tip our tipsters advise you to the number of units you have to play, and you need to do it based on your own bankroll. Each tipster have their own unit-system and we recommend you to always follow your tipsters regarding guidance in units.


Bettingfamily is your loyal supplier of the best betting tips on the market; delivered directly to you.

You now have a golden opportunity to join one of the biggest communities within the betting-world. With just a few clicks, you can get started on gaining profit on sport-bets. If you’re only considering it, please make use of our free trial.


Bettingfamily is one big – and growing – family of tipsters and ambitious players.

In our family, we believe in long-term thinking and highly strategic approach when it comes to succeeding with betting. This strategy has shown to be advantageous. Since the launch of Bettingfamily, we’ve welcomed more than a thousand members. The members have jointly experienced both good and less good results; luckily, it’s primarily good results, thanks to our skilled betting experts.

The results speak for itself; a profitable amount and a high hitrate. For the transparencies sake, we happily share all our results with you, both negative and positive. As a member of our family, you get to choose what tipster you want to see results from and follow. You can change tipster anytime you want, in case of poor results from your current tipster. We recommend following at least 2 tipsters to spread out the risk.


… at least if you ask us.

It is a fact that many people odds on a daily or weekly basis, without ever creating a profit. A sad fact indeed, but luckily there are ways to turn the negative stream of results. With thoroughly worked analysis, our tipsters help you to create a profit, making betting a profitable investment. Statistics and hard work is no coincidence.

In our family, our odds-experts play with their brain, rather than their heart and gut. All the hard and time-consuming work and evaluating each bet, is a job for our tipsters. This way you can easily and pain-free get your bankroll to grow simply by following our betting experts.

At Bettingfamily we firmly believe in the power of knowledge and thoroughly worked analysis. All our tipsters play their own predictions because of the usual positive outcome. The last couple of years, we have proven that with the right approach betting can be an opportunity for reasonable investment and profit. The goal with betting is to create an extra income source, thus making your everyday life a bit brighter.


Free odds tips from our skilled betting experts.

It might sound too good to be true, but it is a reality, that we offer a free trial for all new members. Seize this chance and give our free trial a try to see and feel whether this is something for you. You can begin with watching our intro-video where we deliver live-pictures describing our service.

To benefit from our trial, all you need to do is put in your email address and click continue. No bindings what so ever. If you are looking for current betting tips today, we can of course help you as we present you with new betting tips every single day.


Bettingfamily sticks together, both in good and lacking periods - just like a traditional core-family. Nobody can win every time, which is why our tipsters are focused on long-term profit.

View what members has to say about our service via our Trustpilot.com page. These reviews are worth checking out if you’re still contemplating our capabilities.


No one can do everything - everyone can do something - but together we can do it all.

It may sound like a cliché, but never the less, it is this exact approach we are trying to achieve. It’s our number one priority to beat the bookies, month upon month – together with you and all other members. This can be achieved through bulletproof analysis and betting tips.

In our family, we’re all equal: when we win, you win.

Sign up and let us spoil your day with the best betting tips. Log in to view our betting tips today.


Risk and reward are closely related to one another in sports betting. This is why when you place a single bet on a result that is likely to happen - in other words, you place a low odds bet - your potential payout will be low as well. To increase the possible payout, you can bet a higher sum, place a high odds bet or place accumulator bets.

Risk and reward are closely related to one another in sports betting. This is why when you place a single bet on a result that is likely to happen - in other words, you place a low odds bet - your potential payout will be low as well. To increase the possible payout, you can bet a higher sum, place a high odds bet or place accumulator bets.

Sports betting is not like games of chance such as roulette or slot machines. When you bet on sports events, you can make an educated decision to raise your chances of winning. Past statistics, sports news, injuries, contracts, the weather, and many other factors are all there to consider. There is, of course, a small element of luck involved - and that is your risk - as no bets are 100% sure.

Just like most people would hire a broker to invest their money in stocks, you should strongly consider following a tipster before placing bets. They might spend the whole day reading statistics and searching for news to prepare their predictions. These guys will have a much higher chance of predicting matches correctly than average people who might have their emotions invested in sports events or are simply not that knowledgeable about the industry. Relying on your gut feeling is not what you should do while sports betting. If that's what you want to do, try blackjack instead.

You can read our tipsters' profile and see whose methods, results, or style you like the most. Some specialize in predicting a single bet of the day, and they will concentrate all their efforts on predicting that event. Others might specialize in one sport - very often football - and will provide you with weekend football accumulator tips that cover all or most of the matches happening that weekend. Accumulator bets - or Acca bets - are a great way of raising the possible payout level and building up some excitement as the matches will take place over some time.

Best football tips for today

Football is the most popular sport to place bets on around the world. For many football fans, watching a match and betting on it go hand in hand. Also, unlike some very seasonal sports, such as ice hockey, you can bet on football most of the year. It is also the number one sport in most of Europe and Latin American countries, so no wonder we are spoilt when it comes to football betting options.

When you follow one or more of our tipsters, you will receive hot football tips and might just beat the bookies! Many great football predictions come just a few hours before the match starts, as things can change last minute. There is no point making a bet too much in advance as there will be too much time for injuries, illnesses or recoveries to happen or the weather forecast to change. The best time to make a simple 1X2 bet is right before the match starts. As in certain tournaments, multiple matches start at the same time; you can even make an accumulator bet last minutes for higher possible payouts.

On our site, you will find over 100 sure football predictions featuring the most likely outcome. Of course, in sports betting, nothing is ever 100% sure, but we aim at getting as close to this as possible. By analyzing each team and their statistics, we try to help you profit in the long run.

You will now have a chance to try the best football prediction site for free. All you have to do is sign up to enjoy 3 days of free tips with Bettingfamily. Based on your results and experience with us you can decide to continue with our service or not.

Best Betting Tips on Horses

Betting on horses is perhaps the most fun type of sports betting, and it has been around for a very long time. The odds are higher than in football or basketball, and the races' fast pace makes it so much more exciting than watching other sports. Most people bet on horses for the sake of betting and not because they care about the outcome - again, unlike in football.

Our tipsters that specialize in horse betting do their homework thoroughly to provide you with the best betting tips. They examine the statistics and trends for each race and predict the races as accurately as possible. There is a high risk with horse race betting, and the key is to make more winning bets than losing ones. When you look at the key numbers of our tipsters, you will see a "hitrate". Basically, anything over 50% is a success and generates long term profits - just like in stock or currency trading.

Tipsters cover Irish, UK, American and Australian races, so you will be able to bet on multiple events to maximize your winning potential. To increase or decrease your odds and payouts, you can place fixed bets, placed bets, and multiple horse bets and all of these might be covered by your tipster.

Find Our Bets On Twitter

Follow us on Twitter, where we regularly post football, basketball and other sports predictions. We often post free well-analyzed predictions for upcoming sports events. Join the hundreds of followers that already trust our sports betting predictions, and you might just start making a profit. Follow us at @Bettingfamilyy and see for yourself!

Professional Betting Tips for tomorrow

If you are looking for an expert prediction on an upcoming sports event, you are at the right place. Tipsters at Bettingfamily do their homework and consider all factors that are likely to influence an outcome of a match, fight or race.

You will get a very good chance of getting straight wins for tomorrow if you follow one of our expert tipsters. Betting last minute on low odds events that our tipsters also anticipate is the best way to increase a win's likelihood.

Not everything is last minute, though. You will find football prediction for outright winners as well. World cup, Euro cup, or Champions league outrights generally have higher payouts, and you will find good value with these types of bets. Goal prediction is another way of getting a higher payout than simple result prediction, and most tipsters predict goals with confidence based on statistics.

Whenever we think that we have sure wins for tomorrow, we will let you know so you won't miss out on the opportunity of making some profit! We aim to notice if there is a good deal out there and that we have seemed to outsmart the bookies.

Best Tip of The Day on Premier League

There are many debates and different opinions when punters want to place a bet on Premier League matches. The truth is that football bettors usually also support a club, and therefore emotions and gut feelings are often involved in betting decisions. You might ask your friends and family or read posts on Reddit or other internet forums to try to figure out the outcome of a match, but our advice is to rely on professional opinion. Years of following a certain sport and making good predictions consistently cannot be learnt in an afternoon. Don't belong to the group of amateurs who lose money in the long run!

Normally, the best tip of the day is on football, and very often on the most-watched league in the world, the Premier League. Many of our tipsters concentrate on football and will analyze every available data to make accurate predictions. When you sign up to follow one or more tipsters, you will receive free super tips regularly. These professional betting tips will tell you which team to bet on and if you should bet on the number of goals, half time results etc. The tipster will tell you how much he is betting on the event, and you can mirror him or adjust the sum to your bankroll.

Apart from football, you will also be able to see other sports betting tips. If you are looking for a more consistent sport to bet on, you should check out our golf betting tips. Follow our tipsters' advice on betting on the European and PGA tours. Analyzing past events has an even bigger significance in golf betting as luck plays very little part in golf. Golf goes on at a slower pace than football and let alone horse or greyhound racing, and as the tournament goes on for days, there is more excitement with money at stake.

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