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Key Performance Indicators


Resultater pr. måned

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2019 392 SEK 2.870 SEK -1.722 SEK 4.326 SEK -756 SEK 1.092 SEK 17.360 SEK 4.718 SEK
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2018 2.856 SEK 11.662 SEK 4.886 SEK 994 SEK 10.136 SEK

Om esportbetter

My name is Tommy, and I have been betting for around 12 years. Two years ago, I understood that I had a good sense for “value”, and started being serious about my betting. The last year I have been given several offers to become a betting tipster, but haven’t felt that it was right for me, until I found Bettingfamily.

The last year I have posted some of the bets on my twitter, so my friends can follow them. Even though I have just posted a small amount of the bets I have placed, it has been a good indicator on what I can offer. If you follow my bets on a daily basis, you will profit.

E-sport (mostly CSGO) and Norwegian soccer is where I feel that I can find really good value, and hope that I can give you good profits.

Some quick information on how I bet:

- I use 1-10 units. 1 unit for me are 100NOK now (25NOK when I started)
- I normally use 5-10 units on regular bets, and 1-4 on tournament bets on CSGO and season bets on football.
- Normally I post my bets the night before, or early the same day as the games starts. Occasionally I find value in livebets, so be sure to have the APP downloaded so you get the notifications.

When can you expect my tips:

Im mostly betting on CSGO and norwegian football. When it comes to football the bets will come 1-2 days before the match, but its harder to know with CSGO. Sometimes i can come with a tournament bet 1 week before, and sometimes theres a livebet. I will try to give out the bets as fast as possible, but thats not always possible.

This is an example: In CSGO its normal to play many matches in a day. So lets say if Astralis plays quarterfinal and semifinal in the same day, its a possibility that i give out tips on several different times on that day.

What im trying to say is: If you want to reach as many of my bets as possible, download the APP on your smartphone and put on notifications.

I am looking forward to winning against the betting companies together with you!