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2020 834 GBP

About fotbets

Hi, my betting story goes back many years, but I started taking this business more serious in mid 2019. The reason I started betting is because I've always had a drive for looking for ways to increase my bank account.

I've been playing football at the highest youth level for many years (and still active), so I know how it is to be in situations when you are playing against specific teams. This led me to thinking, what if I could use my football-knowledge on the pitch for betting? This got me started into statistical betting, which means focusing on more statistical bets like shots, shots on target, possession, player shots, offsides etc. When placing my picks I take for example play style, which players are available, pure statistics and value into consideration.

Some scenarios would be if Manchester City are starting with right footed right winger and left footed left winger, then they are more likely to have more corners, which makes me take a look at the corner handicap lines. If they are playing against a 5 at the back team they will always have a lot more possession and shots or if a fast striker that goes offside often gets placed on the wing, then placing UNDER offsides might have some value.

After trying to bet with my football-knowledge and my knowledge in analysing data, I experienced some very profitable results over a period. That's when I realised that this is not only going to make me a lot of money, but I can also share my tips to others to help them out as well. That's why I'm here.

Since February 2019, I started tracking my bets on ( And since that I've had over 400U profit with an ROI at around 120%. I had to be inactive during most of 2019 because of school, which led to me being active in only 3.5 months. Best month recorded so far was June with +126U, the ONLY full active month. During tracking my bets I've not had a single losing month.

2020 is the year where I am going to try and focus more on this. With those stats in just a few months, I'm excited to see what we can end up doing in 2020.

Already started off 2020 with a bang with +69.5U in the PL round during 10-12 january (!)

The Unit system I am using is a 1-10 unit system, where 1 unit is 25£. Do not start off with these stakes. Decide your £ per Unit yourself and what fits your bankroll. I would say 1U can be around 0.05% of your bankroll.

I often post my tips the day before the games, as that is the time when the bookies release these kinds of statistical lines. Also, be ready one hour before kick off as that is the time when Lineups become available. If certain players are doubtful to start, waiting for the Lineups can be very profitable as the bookies don't know what to do when statistically players are suddenly not in the line up.

You can always catch me on Discord under @FoTBets. This is where I post all updates, explanations behind bets and giveaways.