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Key Performance Indicators


Resultater pr. måned

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2019 -190 DKK 2.630 DKK -1.640 DKK 610 DKK -490 DKK
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2018 1.200 DKK 1.060 DKK 5.920 DKK 1.200 DKK 2.870 DKK

Om farmen

My name is Oliver and I’m currently studying business economics on Aarhus university (BSS). I’m a huge fan of sport and I’ll happily watch anything from football, to handball, golf, tennis and basketball, although NBA is my darling.

In regards to my interest in odds, my first time experiencing this magical world, was at my local kiosk. Back then I was in the 7th grade and odds was yet to be more than just pure amusement. It was coupons of 20 and 30 kr. With lots of games and I can’t quite imagine that it gave a profitable outcome, at all. From time to time it gave me a substantial gain, but that was it.

Today, my approach to odds is completely different. Obviously, I still enjoy watching games that I bet on, as it contributes to the tension of the game, but the goal is to prioritize solid long-term profit. During the last couple of years, I’ve tested numerous strategies and since then, found the perfect strategy for my type of betting.


My biggest interest and main-focus is NBA. It is without doubt, the genre of sport that I spent the most time on. This is both in watching actual games, but also reading the news, hearing podcasts, etc. As a supplement to this, I will also provide tips within; soccer, handball and perhaps an inch of tennis too. Regarding soccer and handball, it will primarily just be the big European leagues. Tennis will be less often, as it is only a handful of tennis-players I follow. In regards to the distribution of my tips, it could look a little like; 70% NBA, 20% football, 9% handball and 1% tennis.


As a baseline, I always try to share my tips as early as possible. Tips within soccer, handball and tennis will typically be shared the day before the match, as the bookmakers place their bets in good time. Unfortunately, this is not the case with NBA. The bookmakers do not share their bets, until game-day. This means that my NBA-tips will be on the match-day as well. Typically, my NBA-tips will be live before 6pm.


My tips often builds on two key pillars. A subjective evaluation of the game and statistical calculations in regards to the current performance of each team. I review most of the teams, which I bet on, thus creating an assessment of the teams’ competences, players, etc.

The choice of bet will hereafter be built on this assessment, current performance of each team, statistics and injuries.


It is important to keep a track on your bank management, as there need to be time for poor periods. The poor periods will arrive, sooner or later. I recommend that you as a minimum have 50 units available, when subscribing to me, preferably 100 units.

My stakes per play will typically be around 2.00 and 3.00 units. There might be periods where I play less safe and some the opposite.


Primarily I use bet365 and Unibet, but there may be some bets from Betfair. It depends on which of these offering the best odds.


I’m a big fan of the world’s best football club, Real Madrid!

And regards to by interest for NBA, I’m cheering for Boston Celtics. My favourite player would be Giannis Antetokounmpo aka The Greek Freak.

If you’re not already a member of our Discord Forum


So why not just get started? Our Discord Forum is a great community, for betting-interested people. There will be discussed plenty of sport, competitions and free live-sessions with most of the experts (me included). I would highly recommend to join our Discord Forum.

At any rate, I am looking forward to welcoming you as a new part of the team, or should I say family? BettingFamily.